Generation Peace Serves is designed as an international service learning program where at it’s core is the goal to inspire young people to be global citizens and the “change they wish to see in the world”.

The first hand emersion experience brings participants into the culture with its language, religiosity and historic naunaces. Participants learn about the economic, political, and social situations and gain insights into family life, class structure, education and job opportunities. Participants see the real challenges and then are empowered to make a difference through volunteerism at the local level. We hope their actions inspire others to also make a difference. Hence, our mission statement.

Mission Statement:
Our goal is to inspire out young people to be global citizens and a generation of peace. We believe in the transformative power of International Public Service. It expands our understanding of the world and allows us to see beyond cultural, racial, political and religious boundaries and see into the hearts of people; embodying the vision of “one global family.”